Vancouver is located on the Pacific west coast of Canada in the Province of British Columbia known for its environmental appeal. The city is surrounded by water on three sides and mountains part of the Coast Mountain Range. Vancouver is a widely multicultural society.

Canada’s third-largest city, Vancouver has the most temperate climate in the country and is consistently rated one of the top three of the world’s most livable cities which makes it one of the most brilliant places for people to live. It is known for its rain, forest, its ecologically-minded locals, and its seawall. Plenty of sunlight and breeze move in between the buildings, people can see out their windows and locals can flow easily and happily through the city’s social streets. Vancouver has a perfect balance of nature and city life that makes it so liveable. 

Apart from bewitching nature, there are few other important points why people prefer living in Vancouver they are-

  • Wonderful Homes – Homes in Vancouver are basically dazzling. Regardless of whether you are searching for a home or condominium, the plan of homes in Vancouver is truly amazing. A large number of Vancouver’s homes include excellent perspectives on both the mountains and the sea. Likewise a considerable lot of the homes in the midtown region grandstand perspectives on the well-known Stanley Park.
  • Speculation – In the previous years the worth of Vancouver land has been taking off and there is no sign that this pattern will stop. Vancouver is a famous area for land speculation as the rental market is exceptionally solid.
  • Education– The city of Vancouver offers an incredible arrangement of schools both public and private. The government-funded educational system gives instruction to more than 56,000 understudies each year. Moreover, there are phenomenal post-secondary choices like the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design as well as a host of community and specialty colleges.
  • Employment – Vancouver isn’t just an extraordinary spot to live yet in addition to an incredible work environment. Vancouver is a port city and as such is a center of delivery and industry. There is likewise a flourishing vacationer and convenience industry that is one of the strongest in Canada.

The cost of living varies depending on the location you live in and your budget. Let’s breakdown the cost of living in Vancouver in 2021

(These numbers represent an estimate of what it costs to live in Vancouver based on external sources as well as our writers’ personal experiences. It’s entirely possible for people to live in the city for much less, while others may need much more to fund the sort of lifestyle they prefer.)

Vancouver has the most expensive rent for one and two-bedroom apartments in Canada…again. Long-term renting can be a good option for ex-pats because there is no permanent commitment and is sometimes cheaper than buying property. The average rental price in Vancouver is around C$1834 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center. Two-bedroom apartments increased 2.1 percent to C$3000. In addition to the monthly rent, water and electricity bills for 2 people will cost around C$ 30 TO C$ 60 per month. But keep in mind that a lot of apartments already have these bills included in the rent. Leases in Canada are typically for one year, but can also be for a shorter fixed-term or month-to-month.

How much you spend on grocery shopping in Vancouver is relative; it all depends on your lifestyle, where you shop, and what you buy. In general, a person spends between C$150 to C$300 a month on groceries.
Furthermore, just like anywhere in the world, it is important that you know where to shop. Supermarkets like No Frills, Walmart, and Real Canadian Superstore are popular cheaper choices, while Safeway, T&T and Whole Foods offer differentiated products, but at a slightly higher price.

Public transportation in Vancouver Public is an integrated system operated by Translink, which includes buses, skytrain (subway), and SeaBus services (ferry between Vancouver and North Vancouver) and covers not only Vancouver but also its surrounding neighborhoods like Surrey, Richmond, and Burnaby regions.

If you are going to use public transportation frequently, we suggest that you buy the Compass Card – with it, you will have access to all of Vancouver’s public transportation services. 

One-way Ticket (Local Transport)= C$3.00

Monthly Pass (Regular Price)= C$105.00

Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)=C$3.75

Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)=C$1.90


The Public Health System in Vancouver

In the province of British Columbia, the health system is called the MSP (Medical Services Plan). The cost for public healthcare in BC will depend on your status and your visa in Canada – the current values ​​are:

  • International students (with study permit): C$ 75 per month
  • International workers (with work permit): Free
  • Permanent residents, Canadian citizens: Free
  • Dependents (children)
  • With study permit: C$ 75 per month
  • With visitor status: Free

It is true that Vancouver is not exactly the cheapest place to live in Canada. But it is not so different when compared to Toronto or other major cities. 


The overall cost of living:

One of the advantages of living in British Columbia is that there are approaches to make it reasonable. For instance, picking a spot somewhat further away from downtown Vancouver will give you a sensibly valued spot to live in with lower local charges. Also, in the event that you actually diminish your shopping for food, amusement, and power costs, you can in any case set aside great cash for your likely arrangements!

                Item                 Average costing per month
                  Rent                         C$1834 to C$ 3000
                Grocery                         C$150 to C$ 300
          Transportation                         C$3.00 to C$ 105.00
        Public health system                         C$0 to C$75


The above totals are just intended to provide you with an estimate of the living costs in Vancouver in 2021. To know more about life in Canada, keep an eye out for our latest blog series ‘Get to know Canada’ which is intended to help people understand and know more about life in Canada.

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