As Canada is an immigration friendly country, there are different streams through which you can immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident. In this blog, we are going to cover the top 4 and most common ways on how you can immigrate to Canada.

1. Express Entry

Introduced in January 2015, Express Entry (EE) is an online immigration system that manages applications for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa for all economic immigrants who move to Canada for better jobs and quality of life. The EE system uses a comprehensive point-based system which allows the Canadian government to shortlist skilled professional based on CRS Scores. Candidates with the highest scores are invited to apply for permanent residency. Scores depend on a number of factors including skills, education, experience, etc. For more details about EE, check out our detailed blog — What is Express Entry?

2.Provincial Nominee Program

With Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) you can immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Residence through the Express Entry Process. In PNP, a Canadian province or territory is required to nominate you. It usually takes around 13–15 months for the entire PNP process. You can find updated processing times on the Government of Canada website. To know more about the process, check out our detailed blog — What is the Provincial Nominee Program?

3.Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This program helps companies hire qualified candidates that haven’t been able to fill locally (in the Atlantic provinces). Companies can hire candidates either through the graduate program, high skilled program, and intermediate skilled program. Each program has certain requirements that the candidate and the company sponsoring the candidate should meet.

4.Startup Visa Program

Canada’s startup visa program targets immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and the potential to build a business in Canada that is innovative, creates jobs in Canada, and has global scale. Quebec has its version of the Startup Visa Program which you can check out here — Quebec’s immigration website.
You can apply for the Startup Visa program if your business satisfies the following criteria — https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/start-visa/eligibility.html

Hopefully, this article gives you an overview of the different immigration streams available to you to come to Canada as PR. If you would like to apply for Express Entry and would like to know more about the process on how to apply, sign up for the early beta release of the app at treknation.ca. The app acts as your self-serve guide for the PR process.

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