Canada is a multi-cultural county and a land of opportunities. It has a GDP of almost 2 trillion which gives it an immense position in the global market. In addition, its long border with America in terms of geography and cultural ties gives it an additional benefit in accessing the North American market. 

Pre-Requisite for getting a job

In order to qualify for a job in Canada, there are 3 main ways:

  1. Be on work permit
  2. Be a Canadian PR
  3. Be a Canadian Citizen

The work permit can be obtained in 2 ways, either the company you are working for can sponsor you or you can get a work permit after studying in Canada.

Once you satisfy one of the above scenarios, you can start applying for jobs in Canada.

Job Market in Canada

The major sectors of employment in Canada are hospitality, IT consulting, and services. In addition, there are also ample opportunities in banking and finance.


Networking is very important in today’s day and age. It is important to meet and interact with professionals of your domain. It helps you connect and understand the trends and requirements to be successful in the industry.

The best way to network is to attend job fairs, seminars and try to connect with people on LinkedIn. Talking with peers helps you understand the job market. They can help you in refining your resume, providing you key tips, and help you prepare for the next opportunity.

Main Ways of finding relevant jobs

Main ways of getting jobs in Canada are:

Indeed: Indeed is a popular platform for jobs in all professions.

Jobbank.ca: JobBank is a platform provided by Canada government. It is a leading source of jobs and labour market in the country,

Linkedin: LinkedIn is the most popular social platform for professionals. Finding a job on LinkedIn is faster as most recruiters and hiring managers are actively using it. Having a complete LinkedIn profile will significantly increase your chances of landing a job.

Job Agencies: Many companies employ agencies to close their hiring gaps. Below are some of the agencies which can help you in getting the position.

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