Air Canada has extended the flight ban from India to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to 29th July 2021. Here’s the official statement from Air Canada:

“We are pleased to announce that flights to and from Delhi are returning on July 29, 2021, from Toronto and July 31 from Vancouver.”

Air Canada flights to and from Delhi were temporarily suspended effective April 22, 2021, as directed by the Government of Canada to suspend all direct passenger flights from India. If your travel plans were affected, please contact your travel agent or speak with one of our agents to discuss your options. If you booked directly through Air Canada, you can view or manage your cancellation options via My Bookings. More information on current routes and suspensions.”

The flight ban from India and Pakistan was originally announced by the federal government on April 22 and was set for 30 days. But it was apparently extended multiple times. The extension of the ban has affected a lot of people, some of whom were students. A lot of COPR holders have had to change their plans of landing in the country because of the extensions. This has been a big pain point for them as they not only need to reschedule flights but also alter their hotel quarantine bookings and then the mandatory home quarantine plan.

The ban was at first set to safeguard Canada from the B.1.617 COVID-19 variant spreading in India. At the time the federal govt. initially declared the ban, 50% of the air travelers arriving in Canada that had tested positive for COVID-19 had returned from India, despite the fact that only a fifth part of flights was from the country, according to Health Minister Patty Hajdu. However, since the ban, it’s been disclosed that eighty percent of COVID-19 cases from all Canadian air travel came from domestic flights, according to federal information.

Canada’s ban doesn’t have an effect on cargo flights and solely applies to direct flights. Travelers from India can still enter the country indirectly, however, they have to show a negative COVID-19 result before flying to Canada.

The Government of Canada has not given an updated statement yet about the extension of the travel ban but with Air Canada extending their reopening, will the Government of Canada also extend its travel ban?

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