According to various studies, Canada has consistently taken the top spot to immigrate. The most popular method of immigrating to Canada is through its Permanent Residency(PR) process. Points are awarded based on various metrics such as age, educational qualification, work experience, and others. One of those metrics is the language test. In this blog, we will try to explore all about language test requirements for Canadian PR.

What is a language test within the Canadian PR process?

Language tests assess you based on your command of either English or French language. You are tested in four sections, namely Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Why do we need language tests?

Language tests are a prerequisite for the below 3 express entry streams:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Federal Skilled Worker

You can take either English or French language test. 

You can also take both exams if you know both English and French. Taking both exams can also increase your total CRS score, which will help you in receiving Canadian PR sooner. If you have taken both language tests, then you will need to let the IRCC know which one you want to consider to be the primary official language and which one you would like to consider as a secondary official language.

How to read the language test results?

IRCC has set language benchmarks called Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) and Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC) for assessing language ability. Based on your actual language test results, you can convert it into CLB using this link. You can also check your language test results through the TrekNation App. Sign up to learn more at treknation.ca.

What is the minimum requirement for various streams?

The 3 express entry streams have different minimum requirements for Express Entry.

Canadian Express Entry

The minimum score required for this stream is as follows:

  • NOC 0 or A: English: CLB 7 || French: NCLC 7
  • NOC B: English CLB 5 || NCLC 5

(NOC stands for National Occupational Classification. It is used for classifying various jobs. You can find the NOC for your job here.)

Federal Skilled Trades

The minimum score required for this stream is as follows:

  • English: Speaking and Listening – CLB 5; Reading and Writing CLB 4
  • French: Speaking and Listening – NCLC 5; Reading and Writing NCLC 4

Federal Skilled Worker

The minimum score required for this stream for the first official language is as follows:

  • English: CLB 7
  • French: NCLC 7

How to get a language test?

There are two IRCC approved English tests and two French tests:

English Tests

  1. IELTS: This is the most popular English test, partly because of the lower wait time for results and wide availability. For Canadian PR, you need to take the “General Training” option and not the “Academic Training” option. It costs around $320 and takes 14 days for results. You can get more details here.
  2. CELPIP: You must take the “General Test” option and not the “General LS Test” for the PR process. It costs $265 and takes 8 days for test results. Because of its limited availability of this test, it is less preferred by candidates. You can get more details here.

French Tests

  1. TEF Canada: You are required to take either the paper or online-based test for the Canadian PR process. They are available in almost all places. The tests cost $300 and it takes around 3-4 weeks to receive the results.  You can get more details here.
  2. TCF Canada: This test is also available in almost all places. It costs around $300 and it takes 15 days to know the results. You can get more details here.

Language test results are required before you can start your PR process. Hence it is beneficial to get a language test early on during your PR process. It is also mandatory that your language test results be less than 2 years old. Sign up to get early access to the TrekNation Digital PR assistant app at treknation.ca!

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