IRCC released new guidelines for people outside Canada whose COPR has expired or expiring. As of June 21, 2021, these people are exempt from travel restrictions, no matter what date the COPR was issued. This only applies if you are traveling to Canada with a valid COPR or coming to live and settle permanently.

It’s important to note that you cannot travel to Canada with expired documents. IRCC will reissue new documents. The good news is you do not have to re-apply since IRCC is making exceptions for people who couldn’t travel due to Covid-19 restrictions.

IRCC has contacted most people with expired COPR before March 18, 2020 to explain the next steps. They would ask you to either do a new medical or upload new documents. Once done they will reach out to you and what needs to be done next. IRCC is also working on contacting people with expired COPR post-March 18, 2020.

IRCC would usually

  1. Send you an email about your application asking if you are still interested to come to Canada.
  2. You would need to respond Yes if you are still interested
  3. Ask you to do either Medical and/or Updated documents
  4. If you dont respond, IRCC would keep the file closed and you will have to reapply when you are ready to come to Canada.

When IRCC emails you, they will ask you to tell them if your family situation has changed (for example, newborn, marriage, divorce) so they can update your application and ask you for any other documents they need. IRCC may also need updated documents if the ones you previously submitted are no longer valid (police certificates, medical exams, etc.). You can travel to Canada once IRCC confirms to you in writing that they

  • re-issued your documents and
  • sent you a reprinted COPR and (if you need one) a new visa sticker in your passport

If IRCC reissues your COPR, they will send you the documents you need to travel.

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