Candidates in the Arrima expression of interest bank, here’s a quick update for you – Quebec Immigration Authority has published a new set of norms which you need to be aware of. 

Worry not, we are here to take you through the new scoring system and help you with a seamless immigration process. Candidates who wish to settle outside Montreal, will be ranked based on different criteria ranging from age to work experience. Applicants will be given points on these characteristics and their final score will decide the result. 

Nearly 1320 points are available, which have been branched amongst two primary deciding factors, namely – Human Capital Factors and Labour Market Needs. To get an insight into more factual details, 580 points have been reserved for the Human Capital Factors and a good 740 for Quebec’s Labour Market Needs. 

To delve into this new point system further, let us drive you through the benefits and process of this new scoring system – 



This new rating system in Quebec helps bring correspondence with the Federal Express Entry System, including a scoring system for the submitted profiles. 

To simplify it further, it boosts a prior classification of candidates for immigration, according to their specific profile. Needless to say, it will optimize the use of Arrima Expression of Interest Pool and will allow the province to issue the Quebec Selection Certificates (CSQ) within six months of receiving complete applications. Candidates with a CSQ can then apply to the Federal Government for permanent residence



As mentioned before, the scoring system involves points in two categories – 

Human Capital Factors

  • French Language Ability 
  • Bilingual Ability/English Proficiency 
  • Age
  • Work Experience 
  • Education 


Labour Market Factors

  • Work Experience in a field with Labour Shortage
  • Education in Quebec 
  • Professional Experience in the rest of Canada 
  • Job offer inside/outside Greater Montreal 


The criterion of job opportunities inside or outside Greater Montreal carries a high significance in the scoring system and can be worth up to 380 points, while offers in Montreal obtain 180 points. 

Over and above this, points can also be obtained for the spouse or common-law partner of the applicant under many of the assessed criteria. 



The process is quite simple yet needs you to be meticulous. Applicants who are 18 and above and interested in immigrating to Quebec through the Regular Skilled Worker Program, must start by creating Expression of Interest in Arrima Pool. Subsequently, they will receive score based on the new system and the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) will hold invitation rounds for permanent selection. 

The applicants will have a limited time amount to submit the entire immigration application, pay the fees, and present the secondary documents. Once they receive the CSQ, a medical examination and criminal admissibility screening will progress. 

All in all, this new scoring system will help bring more order and safety into the immigration process. If you are an applicant from India or any other country seeking out Canadian Immigration, these tips can easily help you surf through the process!  

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