IRCC has announced a launch of a new secure portal for confirmation of Permanent Residence for people residing in Canada. This announcement comes as a response to manage the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The portal will help confirm permanent residence without physical in-person interviews.

Currently, if you get a confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) and if you are inside Canada, you need to either go to a port of entry (border crossing) or make an appointment for an interview. You need to provide proof of residence, personal identification, a copy of the CoPR, and photos for the PR card.

New Portal

Through the new portal, you will be able to confirm your address and provide recent photos for the PR card. You will be able to upload the documents safely and securely without traveling and meeting the immigration officials in person. Once uploaded and confirmed by CIC, you will receive a temporary copy of the PR status till you receive your PR card.

One thing to note is that this portal is completely separate from the IRCC secure account. You will not find any information related to your account and you cannot check your application status through this portal.

How it Works

Once your application is confirmed, you may receive an invitation to use the portal. You may either accept or decline the invitation. If you accept the invitation, an account will be created for you by IRCC and a link will be sent to your email to access the portal. The email will also contain instructions on how to sign in with your username and temporary password. You can change your password after logging in the first time with your temporary password.

Note: There can only be one account per person. If you have multiple people in the application, each applicant will have their username and password.

Once you upload the photos, CIC will review them and accept them accordingly. Once accepted, you will receive your PR card within a week. You can get more information about the new portal at this link.

Avoid uploading very dark photos, in which facial features are not visible or if there is a glare on the photo.

2020 saw a decrease in acceptance of PR admissions. Despite the restrictions, there is an announcement by the Canadian government to increase the immigration intake from 2021. Sign up to TrekNation.ca for more insights about Canadian immigration!

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