Moving to a new country and establishing your space there as an employee can sometimes be quite a challenging task. Immigrants, who move to a new country generally face a few barriers from their employers. The employers are usually hesitant to hire new people regardless of their previous experiences in another country. But you don’t need to worry anymore because we have got you covered!

Here are the top 5 ways to network in Canada as a newcomer.

When you are moving to Canada from another country, nobody knows your background and what you do. So to move forward, you need to connect with as many people as possible to make yourself visible. This puts you under a spotlight and benefits your exposure. Some of these tips here would surely advantage you.

Join a Professional Association

To connect with more people and be noticed, the easiest and most beneficial way would be to join an association that is related to your field. So when you move to Canada, you need to research some of the organizations or associations related to your field and try to connect with the people there. This way you can connect with like-minded people and influencers, who can then recommend you jobs.

Connect with People of Diversity

Staying around people who are from your community and speak the same language is really easy. But that won’t help you much in building connections. You can easily improve your communication skills by connecting with people who do not speak the same language. This way you can break your comfort zone force you to speak Canada’s two official languages and learn more about the environment you will be working in.

Volunteer More

The more you volunteer, the more are the chances of you landing a job. When you volunteer, you automatically connect with a number of people crucial to your field. This will naturally increase your chances of a job as you are expanding your network. At the same time, it will also add to your local resume and show your experience.

Make Strategic Connections

Networking when in a new country does not mean that you connect with all people. The most important part is to connect with the right people, the ones who will help you propel in your career. So when you approach a new person, you need to have a clear idea of what that person can do for you. This can help you to easily figure out what kind of associations and connections you need to make, or what kind of events you need to attend in order to move ahead in your career.

It’s not just about the job

As a contradictory statement, you also need to keep in mind that you need to connect with people not only to find a job but also to increase your reach and meet new people. Sometimes the people you meet now may not be helpful to you in the start, but later they can surely offer you important advice about your future endeavors and turn out to be some of the most important connections for the future.

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