Introduced in January 2015, Express Entry (EE) is an online immigration system that manages applications for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa for all economic immigrants who move to Canada for better jobs and quality of life. The EE system uses a comprehensive point-based system which allows the Canadian government to shortlist skilled professional based on CRS Scores. Candidates with the highest scores are invited to apply for permanent residency. Scores depend on a number of factors including skills, education, experience, etc. 

How does Express Entry work?

  1. Determine your Eligibility: The first step is to submit an online form for determining eligibility for one of the below programs:
    • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) 
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
    • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  1. Create a profile: After determining your eligibility required to calculate your CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) score by entering your age, education, work experience, and language score.Once you have your CRS score you will need to submit an online express entry form to admit yourself in the Express Entry pool. You will be ranked relative to other applicants in the pool based on your CRS score. 
  2. Invitation to Apply: You will be invited to apply for permanent residence if your score is above the cut-off score for that draw. This invitation is also called Invitation to Apply(ITA). A draw is conducted generally twice a month.
  3. Apply for PR: The final step is to submit the required documents required for your PR application process. You would have 60 days to submit all the documents. Your ITA will be canceled if your documents are not submitted on time. 

How much does Express Entry cost?

Express Entry generally costs $1325 CAD per adult and $225 CAD per child. There are additional costs associated with education verification, language test, medical test, and police verification.

How long does it take?

It usually takes 6 months after you receive your ITA. It may take additional time for other processes such as educational document verification, police verification, medical test, and language test. These processes can take up to an additional 9 weeks. We suggest you visit this link and check your processing time – here.

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