As a way to encourage immigration to the Atlantic coast of Canada, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) was introduced. The AIP helps companies in the Atlantic region hire foreign skilled workers who want to immigrate to Atlantic Canada and international graduates who want to stay in Atlantic Canada after they graduate. This helps companies hire skilled workers which cannot be found locally.

The company needs to be designated by the provincial government of the Atlantic province where the candidate will be working before they make a job offer. Being designated means the company can offer jobs under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Once designated the company can start looking for candidates through one of the programs in AIP.

There are 3 programs that companies can use to hire someone:

Each program has requirements that the hiring company and the candidate must meet which you can read here — https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/atlantic-immigration-pilot/hire-immigrant/requirements.html

As a part of the process, the candidate will be required to gather documents that they would need as a part of the process. These documents include language assessments, educational credential assessments, proof of experience, and proof of funds. Once these documents are ready the hiring company will provide a job offer to the candidate using the form Offer of Employment to a Foreign National [IMM 5650] along with the companies confirmation of designation.

The candidate will then work with a settlement service provider organization to create a settlement plan. This settlement plan needs to be provided to the hiring company so that they can get it endorsed by the province. Once the province endorses the job offer and the plan they will send the candidate a Certificate of Endorsement. The candidate will be required to submit this document as a part of their PR application.
*Candidates who have applied for PR can also apply for a temporary work permit which lets candidates work while their PR is still in process. Although getting a Work Permit does not guarantee a PR status.

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