Canada is ranked as the second-best country in the world behind Germany, from a field of 60 countries for overall sustainability, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, economic influence, and most importantly, quality of life. We rank above UK and USA for those keeping score. On top of that Canada’s economy is the 14th largest and has a high standard of living.

Canada has had an unemployment rate of around 5-6% pre covid which is lower than most countries in the world. Due to the emergence of skilled Artificial Intelligence and Tech Labour, a lot of tech companies from the US are setting up shop in Canada. This trend is only accelerated by the reluctance of our southern neighbors to issue H1B visas. Spousal work permits or PR are easy to get if you are already on a work-related visa. Canada is making significant contributions to quantum computing, medical advances, space science, and telecommunications as well as opening up new industries.

Canada has one of the highest minimum wages in the world and has free health care. When you are eligible, you can earn compensation if you have lost your job and if you are willing to work but do not get any jobs through Employment Insurance. Canada Pension Plan would contribute to your income when you retire. There are benefits for a person who is pregnant or recently given birth, has adopted a child, or is caring for a newborn. If you are eligible and if you have a family member with grave illness and who is suffering from risk of death, you are benefited from Compassionate Care benefits.


All the above combined with really kind and multicultural people make you feel welcomed and valued. If you want to know more about how to move to Canada download our app Treknation available on both iOS and Android

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