Importance of Work Experience

Express Entry can be overwhelming if you are not clear of the process. There are multiple steps involved and you need to provide documents for confirming your eligibility. In this blog post, we will cover what are some of the key things you need to do to prove your work experience as part of Express Entry after receiving your Invitation to Apply (ITA).

After receiving your ITA, you must provide details about your work experience to prove your eligibility. There are 2 main sections within the Express Entry portal. One is personal history and the other is work history. Entering work experience in the work history section is one of the most important steps for proving your eligibility.

Canada’s express entry program invites candidates who have at least 1 year of skilled experience. Below are the details you must provide for proving your work experience:

  • How long have you worked at a company, start and end dates
  • Number of hours worked at a company per week
  • What were your job title, your salary, and your job duties

Entering all work experience in the Work History section of the Express Entry portal

You only need to put work experience in the work history for which you need points as part of your eligibility. You can include the work experience for which you do not want to show points in the personal history section. IRCC would not be asking for details of work experience entered in the personal history section.

This is the same case for foreign work experience. If you want to get points for foreign work experience, you will need to add the information related to that work in the work history section of the portal.

Details for proving work experience

The main document for proving your work experience is the reference letter from the company. We have created a sample reference letter that contains all the required information requested by IRCC. You can find it here. You can also provide additional information such as pay stubs or letters of employment as supporting documents.

Another important piece of information to provide is the NOC for the job. You can use this link to check the relevant NOC  for your job. While selecting the NOC, you should try to match your job role as well as your duties. You should try not to change the name of your role to align with the one provided on the NOC website but rather try to find the one which best aligns with your duties.

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