As you apply for PR, you will be required to upload your documents after receiving the ITA(Invitation to Apply). IRCC is dependent on the documents you provide to validate your CRS points and provide you PR. You do not need to provide documents during profile creation. After receiving ITA, you will need to fill some forms which will create a personalized document checklist. You will have 60 days to gather and submit all the required documents. Hence, you must start the process ASAP to avoid delays.


There are some mandatory documents which are required for all the applicants such as Medical Examination confirmation, police certificates, passport, and proof of work experience. There are other documents which might be depending on your situation. For getting a personalized checklist that is applicable for you, you can check out our TrekNation app(coming soon..). You can download our TrekNation app on Appstore and Playstore. 


The document checklist is made up of the below-mentioned sections (E.g., Police Certificate, Passport, etc.). You will need to upload documents within each section. For each section, there will only be one spot provided to upload the document. So, if you want to upload more than 1 document, you will need to merge it all into one. Also, the size limit for each document is 4MB (including the merged documents). There are many Softwares available online for merging PDF documents. One of them is SmallPDF.


Mandatory Documents for All Applicants

  • Medical Examination Confirmation
  • Police Certificates
  • Passport
  • Proof of Work Experience


Mandatory Documents (if applicable)

  • Birth certificate (for dependent children)
  • Proof of Studies
  • Provincials or territorial certificate of qualification
  • Offer Letter of Employment
  • Proof of Funds
  • Use of Representative Form
  • Evidence of common-law union
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Adoption Certificate


Other Documents

  • Proof of relationship to a relative in Canada
  • Digital Photos
  • Other Name
  • Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual form
  • Documents related to the e-APR not captured in other fields


If your document is not in French or English, then you must also provide a translated document along with the original. If you are in Canada, then you must also include the affidavit or attestation from the person who completed the translation. If you are outside Canada, then there needs to be a stamp or membership number of the member belonging to a professional translation association on the translated document.

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